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Areas of Expertise

Relationship Coaching

It’s no secret that all types of relationships-- family, friends, professional colleagues, and even romantic partners-- play an essential part in our lives. 

However, navigating these connections can feel overwhelming.

As a coach, I am especially passionate about helping people gain clarity in their relationships. My expertise in understanding the dynamics and interpersonal relationships can provide the understanding needed to make those connections with confidence. Through our sessions together, you will benefit from practical solutions and strategies with lifelong results that leave you feeling empowered, encouraged and understood.

Relationship Anchor

Career Coaching

Whether you’re looking for a new job, wanting to make a current job more fulfilling, or exploring a change in sectors altogether, career coaching will show you that the possibilities are limitless while helping you navigate them.

Coaching can help you discover untapped potential and learn how to be more confident when it comes to making decisions about your future. With coaching, I can support you in breaking down barriers that prevent progress. 

Having clarity of purpose and direction in our lives isn’t always easy, especially if you're feeling stagnated by a job or unsure where to turn professionally. With career coaching, we work on helping you achieve your goals and help clear the fog and provide a roadmap for reaching your potential. We will also dive deeper into what obstacles have been holding you back, giving you the confidence necessary to push forward and take control of your own career.

Career Anchor

Life Coaching

Life coaching is about empowering and supporting my clients to become the best versions of themselves. As a life coach, I provide guidance with deep insights rooted in experience, compassion, and empathy so that they can reach their goals, increase their confidence in life decisions and step out of their comfort zones. By providing gentle support and honest guidance throughout the process, my clients can gain perspective on how to navigate situations more effectively and believe more strongly in themselves. With me as your coach, you will have an ally who is dedicated to your success – both large and small!

Life Anchor


Sara's continued coaching provides a gentle but effective accountability mechanism to keep me on the path that I have chosen. In just a few months, I've seen my stress level drop and my overall personal and professional life satisfaction grow by leaps and bounds.  

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