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Meet Sara

Certified Professional CoActive® Coach

As a former HR professional with years of experience helping employees achieve their career goals, I have transitioned into a role as a Life Coach. My approach to coaching involves using both scientific tools and creative intuition to help my clients realize their full potential. Through a customized plan of action, we work together towards specific goals in all aspects of life. My greatest strength lies in my ability to identify and empower clients to utilize their unique strengths. Compassionate and insightful, I am dedicated to helping individuals find inner peace and happiness in both their personal and professional lives. 



Every session with Sara helped peel back and uncover layers of obstacles in my life that I didn’t even know were there. Sara helped me focus on becoming a better me all through very friendly conversation and none of the pretension. Whether you think you need a life coach or not, have a chat with Sara first because I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.


My Approach - The CoActive® Model

Recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), The CoActive® Model is a science-based method of coaching, focusing on how we are and what we do,and the connection between them. It is based on 4 Cornerstones:

  • People are Naturally Creative, Resourceful & Whole

    • you are not broken, you don't need fixing, you have innate wisdom on how to live your life​

  • Dance in this Moment

    • ability to deal powerfully with anything that arises in life​

  • Focus on the Whole Person

    • we focus on the full range of your humanity, not just circumstance ​or a particular challenge. 

  • Evoke Transformation

    • calling forth radical change​, rather than small incremental changes​​

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Mental Fitness

I also use the power of Positive Intelligence (PQ) or Mental Fitness in my coaching. Also backed by scientific research, Mental Fitness is a measure of the strength of your positive mental muscles vs. the negative.


With my coaching, I will provide you with the tools of how to strengthen your mental muscles by: 

  • Discovering your Saboteurs and Sageand how they live in different regions of the brain

  • Learning how to cause a dramatic shift in the brain activation to weaken your Saboteurs and boost your Sage​

  • Learning about the 3 Core Muscles that constitute your mental fitness. 

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